PureVPN Launches Revolutionary Intelligent VPN Speed test Tool

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We square measure happy to announce that these days we've launched our revolutionary speed test tool which can assist you choose the quickest server supported your VPN usage purpose. 
Traditional speed take a look at techniques in market square measure intrusive and consider impulsive network statuses typically manufacturing dishonest  and short lived results. Even 2 speed tests run over a distinction of, say, five minutes vary in reading. Then a user must look forward to another 5-15 minutes till the file gets downloaded from the competitory servers to induce the quickest server. 
Assume you're within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and you simply need to secure and cipher your wireless fidelity affiliation whereas avoiding to attach to the busiest and slowest server wherever everyone is busy streaming BBC iPlayer. you've got got the solution!
PureVPN has currently cracked the code and has devised a non-intrusive system that takes under consideration the conditions of last thirty days, additionally to the present worldwide network conditions. daily our system takes a whole lot and thousands of readings from many taking part ISPs (networks) in 120+ countries worldwide and fed these readings to the central intelligent information. Plus, as system is non-intrusive i.e. doesn't would like you to transfer files it takes but a moment to induce you the quickest.

Click here to go to VPN Speed take a look at Tool

To make the foremost of this ground breaking technology we have a tendency to took it even more and integrated it right into our "Purpose Selection" feature – A feature that recommends countries supported your supposed purpose. It means, it not solely offers you the quickest server, however it showing intelligence identifies your precise location and tests all servers to relinquish you the quickest supported latency – variety of users – speed – purpose balance. 
Isn’t that amazing? after all it is! per few of our early beta users, they need witnessed a tremendous improvement in VPN speed and skill. See one or two of wonderful feedbacks below;
Intelligent VPN Speed Tool presently offers you server recommendation on following nine functions to create your life straightforward,
  • Canada TV looking at
  • Higher Security and obscurity 
  • Optimum Security and obscurity, higher speeds 
  • Other/ Privacy
  • Poker
  • UK TV looking at
  • Unblocking Websites/ Social Media Access
  • USA TV looking at
  • VOIP
You can choose associate degreey of the aim and acquire an intelligent recommendation of the quickest and most secure VPN server for you among few seconds. Server tool not solely shows this to you diagrammatically, however additionally shows you the speed of all servers and therefore the winner in bar graphs, therefore on create it straightforward for you, if for a few reason you wish to travel with competitor. 

Click here to go to VPN Speed take a look at Tool

We will love your candid feedback on the tool. be happy to drop it on email, chat or in comments below. we are going to keep attempting our greatest to create mistreatment VPN easier for you. 


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