What is VPN – Virtual Private Networks?

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Back then when we were young, we had questions like, is networking secure?? Will there ever be a time, when we will have a chance to access anything, anywhere???

These questions seemed to have a negative answer, unless a wizard, as curious as us, came up to restructure the problem and manifest the idea of Virtual Private Networks.

VPN, in very easy terms, is setting up your own private network, over your public internet. I know the definition seems, a lot more ambiguous, when you try to compare it to Wide Area Networks. But WAN have had its very costly disadvantages.

Although, you could easily assure a predictable bandwidth, but that came with limited security and privacy, and one may have to pay a lot of telecommunication cost, without any proper scalability. Exactly! This is the overhead; you’ve been paying for your WAN setups!

On the other hand, your VPN guarantees you the maximum security, because your private network is connected to the public infra structure. Are you enough of the heavy??? Let me make it very simple for you. When you deploy your private network over your public communication, you should really be scared!!!  :D Because, there’s an involvement of public communication in your private networks!! But, surprisingly using VPN helps you get all kinds of desirable properties of networking; like high security, because of the way your data transfer works.

Your data transfer totally works on the encryption mechanism. What is encryption? How does it work…? Let’s keep it for the later part.

VPN Architecture and benefits:

VPN has its very obvious advantages. Not only does it provide you with the maximum security, but it also brings you the privileges of the IP of the region you get. Yes to all my dear Netflix and Hulu-loving fellas! Here are your maximum chances to avail from VPN. So it comes with an additional feature of letting you get rid of the restrictions!

Now, when I say you get the IP, what is the first thing that comes to your mind??? If you said, , then I shall term you as the wizard of the blog today! Because that’s exactly what you do here! You get a different IP, of the location of your choice, if the server of your provider resides there. So there are no-more proxy restrictions. Yes, to have you jump out of your bed, you can now enjoy all your access-denied sites, even at work: D

We will definitely talk about this in detail later, because I am sure, my techy readers are inquisitive enough about how does your VPN help you bypass your proxy servers! J

Whereas, this was taken as a side-benefit; it has now become one of the major reasons of buying VPN now!!!

Let us now see, one of the architectures of VPN, to understand the technicality:

The architecture is known as site-to-site intranet VPNs:

In architecture like this, a VPN gateway is located at the boundary between a private corporate network, and the public internet. So do you believe picture speaks a thousand words?? I’ll spare my thousand boring words, on the cost of this one interesting picture!! … Take a look at the following image:

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network

Advantages of the architecture:

Can you figure what advantages this architecture can give you??? If you’ve guessed it, then I am sure, you’ll be on your hunt for a VPN client, but if you have not…then here it is:

For example: You own an office in Canada, and you suddenly find a growing market of your product in China. You need to setup your office there, and keep the records in the headquarters at Canada. Architecture like this will help you communicate on the restrictions you want, regardless of the geographic location.

This is the wide-spread benefit of using VPN. There is no longer need of shifting offices, and hassle!! You’re no more, the slave of your fast speeding market. You can now capture your market wherever it goes, regardless of where you are!!!

There’s obviously a lot that comes with the package. There are more architecture to follow, like extra-net VPNs and remote access VPNs, which we shall definitely dig later.

Yeah, and important thing to note:  All of this comes with one responsibility. That is, you choose the best VPN provider, which has a competent support team, available on your mouse-clicks; and obviously, the one which provides you with maximum security, and high speed internet. Don’t worry, I wont keep you all unattended in this, very important matter! , is one of the service providers, which can be trusted ultra blindly, and can provide you with all your desired expectations from a VPN! So if you’re new to this service, then don’t forget to visit its site! We have a lot of treasures for you to find in there!

Also, here’s the deal for my readers; if you’ve gotten the idea of what VPN is and what benefits it with holds, then do let us know, and using our comment threads. Go through our , try to find answers of your questions there, and I assure you, maybe your voice is quoted in my writings, with your name bolded out there :)

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